CRYOGUY Education in Cryogenics
Deeper in helium refrigeration
This session has been set up on demand of CERN in order to go deeper into some important topics
Whom for?
Operators of large cryogenic systems, persons who plan to design or operate helium refrigeration and liquefaction plants. Attendants must have been attended the standard helium refrigeration session and have a personal experience of cryogenic system operation.
The number of attendees is limited to around 5 in order to keep a good interaction into the group.
Each participant brings his/her PC loaded with the REFPROP® or HEPAK® software. Participants must be familiar with Excel®.
How long?
This educational session takes place within a three-day period (total time is around 21 hours).
Detailed information is provided on:
  • screw compressor,
  • oil removal system,
  • cryogenic expansion turbine
Thermodynamic calculations on these topics.