CRYOGUY Education in Cryogenics
Standard helium liquefaction
What an operator dealing with a helium liquefaction plant should know.
Whom for?
Persons who operate helium liquefaction plants.
How long?
This educational session takes place within a four-day period (total time is around 28 hours).
Theory, thermodynamical cycles
  • General reminders
  • Theory of heat exchangers
  • Basic thermodynamical cycles
  • Liquid nitrogen pre-cooling
Technology and operation of the main components
  • The oil lubricated screw compressor
  • The final oil removal system
  • The heat exchangers
  • The bearings for cryogenic rotating machines
  • The cryogenic expansion turbine
Process control
  • Process control in helium liquefaction
  • Transient situations
Helium purity
  • Pollution of helium
  • Purification by adsorption
  • Purification by cryo-trapping
  • Helium analysis
Operational checks and maintenance of helium liquefaction plants

Visit of a liquefaction plant.