CRYOGUY Education in Cryogenics
education in cryogenics Liquid hydrogen
As hydrogen technology becomes more and more popular, this session introduces to the various technologies one has to deal with in order to liquefy, store and distribute liquid hydrogen.
Whom for?
Persons with no cryogenic knowledge, who plan to get into the liquid hydrogen activity.
Each participant brings his/her PC loaded with the REFPROP® software. Participants must be familiar with Excel®.
How long?

This educational session takes place within a four-day period (total time is around 28 hours). The duration and extend of the program can be adapted to specific needs.

Basics in cryogenics

• History of Cryogenics
• A few reminders
• Cryogenic fluids
• Materials for cryogenic use
• Heat transfer
• Thermal insulation for cryogenics
• Vacuum technology
• Cryogenic instrumentation: basic temperature measurements

Theory, thermodynamic cycles for hydrogen liquefaction

• Heat exchanger theory
• Brayton cycles
• Liquid nitrogen pre-cooling
• Cycles for liquefaction of hydrogen

Technology, operation of components

• Helium compression with an oil lubricated screw compressor
• Hydrogen compression with a reciprocating compressor
• Final oil removal
• Heat exchanger technology
• Cryogenic expansion turbines
• Cryogenic transfer lines
• Cryogenic storages

Process control
Gas purity

• Why and how a gas is polluted
• Helium and hydrogen purification by adsorption
• Helium and hydrogen analysis

Simple thermodynamical calculations on helium and hydrogen (number of attendees limited to 10 in one calculation module)

Visit of a local hydrogen liquefaction plant or a helium refrigeration plant.