CRYOGUY Education in Cryogenics
Consulting in Cryogenics
CONCEPTION of cryogenic systems :
  • Selection of the structure,
  • functional analysis,
  • writing of the system operating procedures.
Example: smart automatic management of a string of cryogenic resonant cavities (or magnets).
Cool-down and warm-up of all components at the same time or by batches, warm-up and cool down of one-off component of the string (after maintenance...), automatically re-starting the system after a power breakdown...
DIAGNOSTICS on the operation of a cryogenic system :
  • optimisation of the operation of a helium refrigeration/liquefaction plant or system,
  • centrifugal cryogenic compression systems,
  • trouble shooting.
REDACTION or review of technical documents like specifications,
EVALUATION of technical documents like offers,
and, in a general way, HELP in CRYOGENICS.