CRYOGUY Education in Cryogenics
Simple thermodynamic calculations
Learn to easily use REFPROP or/and HEPAK software. Perform simple thermodynamical general cryogenic calculations, then application for the main components of a helium refrigeration plant.
Whom for?
Persons who want to be in a position to perform simple cryogenic calculations
Each participant brings his/her PC loaded with the REFPROP® (and, possibly, HEPAK®) software. Participants must be familiar with Excel®. The number of participants is limited to 10 for reasons of effectiveness. During the session, each participant builds his/her "Cryogenic Tool Box" that she/he keeps with him/her.
Later, she/he will use it routinely.
How long?
This educational session takes place within a two-day period (total time is around 14 hours).
  • Reminders, picked up from the "Helium Refrigeration" standard modules, about characteristics of the components on which calculations are to be performed
  • Operation of a room temperature compressor, calculation of the isothermal effectiveness
  • How to easily use the REFPROP® or HEPAK® software
  • Free expansion of a flow of helium with possible power input (as a result: a change in temperature)
  • Reverse: calculation of the power that makes the temperature of a flow of helium change
  • Calculation of a heat exchanger, starting from a very simple one (balanced flows at rather warm temperatures) then moving to a more complicated one (unbalanced at cold temperatures).
  • Calculation of the discharge temperature of a cryogenic expander (turbine), according to inlet conditions, effectiveness and discharge pressure,
  • Reverse: calculation of the effectiveness of an expander according to measurements
  • Cryogenic compressor: same kind of calculations as for cryogenic expanders
  • Equivalent power
Possibility to go farther: perform calculation of simple thermodynamic refrigeration cycles, including hydrogen liquefaction (on demand).